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I've been a fan of Oh So Beautiful Paper for a long time, so today when I checked out a favorite series: Brick + Mortar, I wasn't surprised to find something that totally resonated with me. Much of the reason I've decided to take time away from my little business is the anxiety. You're not really given any time off (meaning weekends, nights, holidays) and perfection is the only avenue that is acceptable when it comes to wedding invitations and paper goods. It's not as if I sit down at 9 AM and turn off my computer at 5 PM. It's typically done between the hours of 8 PM - 2 AM and sparingly throughout the day when I get a minute to do a quick edit. There is seriously always something hanging over my head, and when I make my to-do list for the following day, it's hard to breathe sometimes, but I chose this life and I owe it to my brides to be spot on. It was so nice to see that other (much more successful) entrepreneurs have had the same panicked feeling I have had. I've highlighted some of my favorite portions of the post, but click through to read more!
I became a shop owner and a mom within the same year. Five years ago, I hit the ground running and didn’t look back. Through Clementine I found camaraderie, work I’m good at, strengths I didn’t know I had. But I forgot how to breathe. This world of creative small business owners is thick with inspiration; it zings with excitement. It is also filled with people who have a hard time turning off. We stay up late. We barrel toward the next thing. We skip everything, from lunch to vacations. We leave little space for things to go wrong. But anxiety and overwhelm lap at our heels. We all feel it, no matter how happy or pulled together we seem. Sometimes we pull ourselves together to feel it a little less.
-- Emily McDowell
Eventually I began to accept that things WILL go wrong. Sometimes it’s out of your control, but sometimes it’s something that was very much within your control that you managed to screw up royally. But the world doesn’t end. And if you have an honest, humble discussion with whoever is on the receiving end of the screw-up, you get a chance to correct it 99% of the time. People are compassionate when you give them a chance to express it, and it helps me immensely to keep that in mind when I feel the fear rising.
-- Carrie Holmes

It's almost funny that now that I've decided to hang it up at the end of the wedding season, the brides that I've worked with recently have been some of the sweetest girls. I've received the nicest notes, sweetest instagram posts, and even some awesome gifts from past brides that have expressed disappointment I won't be continuing my business, but I'm so comfortable with my decision here. Here's to less stress and a more relaxed, casual attitude about keeping it together - and breathing!

Mother's Day

Sunday was my first mother's day as an actual mom and my husband did a pretty amazing job making me feel loved.

I can't really put into words how lucky I feel to be Georgia's mother. She's given me an entirely new purpose. A new mom friend said, "I don't recognize myself when I look in the mirror," and my goodness do I ever agree. I sleep a lot less, I almost never look exactly the way I'd like to, and I have melasma that refuses to go away after having her, but I don't even care - I've never been happier. I had no idea how becoming a mother would change me for the better, everything is much clearer and she's my choice, every day.

On jack+bean, the Business

Event for Burgh Brides a few weeks back at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel with amazing vendors Sapphire & Lace Event Design, Mosaic Linens, and Found + Made

Eleven invitation suites to go and each and every design has been started. I'm sad to say that I'll be taking a break from all paper goods when the full season is complete. I had felt differently a few weeks back, wanting to stay in the game. After all, I've built a successful business - frankly I've been amazed at the response. But after much thought and consideration, my time is best spent being happy, at home with Georgia, and not running back and forth from the printer and FedEx because the printer made an error or because I sent the wrong version of a design to print. There's something amazing when a suite goes perfectly. The bride is thrilled, the paper is gorgeous, the belly band holds everything together wonderfully, even mothers see the value in my modern way of doing things. But when things go wrong and I'm even a small piece of frustration or anxiety for a bride's big day, I just can't shake it. It genuinely hurts my heart. There's so many places to make mistakes. When I think about all the different areas that one invitation suite touches it's crazy: design, paper, printing, envelopes, addresses, shipping, assembly, more shipping - that's a lot of potential for good, and a lot of potential for error!

I'm a perfectionist, I'm type-A, I want to do everything perfectly. This business was meant to be a part-time job and I'm finding myself working at least 40 hours a week, plus being a stay-at-home parent, in addition to another part-time remote job - and that's not to complain about being overworked, it's just a fact I'm being stretched way too thin, and I feel I'm not giving 100% to anything. It's been a blessing, to have a business that has grown that way in such a short time, and I appreciate and value all of my clients, but it's time to move on.

I am so excited to make these next 11 suites perfect. This isn't to say I won't someday continue my paper goods business either in the way I had discussed previously - on Etsy - or another digital storefront, who knows. I've genuinely loved being a small part of the weddings I've been able to. Thanks so very much for your business! I hope you keep stopping by to see the bits and pieces of our life.

Bits and Pieces

I wanted to start a new little series here on the blog sharing my favorite iPhone snaps of what we did this week, just bits and pieces!
We started off the week a little jetlagged. Georgia was pretty miserable on Monday. We skipped over to my parents' house to pick up some deliveries I had for work and Georgia decided to go down for her morning nap there, so I squeezed in some QT with Jackie Wilson (1/2 of this blog's namesake)!

Later on, Georgia started showing a pretty serious rash so I kept my eyes on it throughout the day. Eventually, it got bad enough that we decided to make the trip to the pediatrician and thankfully it wasn't what was in the back of my mind: measles. Still no idea what caused her rash.

On Wednesday morning, we tested out baby cousin Cameron's new digs! She'll be here in 10 days!

 Today is the first day our little lady has returned to her normal happy self. She's now officially added "ma-ma" to her vocabulary which I am super pumped about. The way babies pick up on things is just wild.
Romper is Sold Out {Similar}

After a relatively frustrating work week (printing & mail delays are a worst nightmare situation), we finished up these beauties and I made some serious business decisions. I also mapped out the rest of my wedding season and figured out exactly what's left to do! Happy to report only 11 suites to go and 8 have already been designed!

I also wore these beauties in this week and basically can't take them off. Get yourself a pair! They are so comfortable and cute.

Weekend plans include a good amount of work, hitting up a Pure Barre Intensive on Saturday (arms!!), enjoying what looks like a perfect Pittsburgh weather weekend, and my very first Mother's Day on Saturday!

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