We had already told friends and family, and we finally felt good enough to do the big social media announcement so I'm thrilled to share we're expecting our first child in August. This needless to say won't affect my clients' weddings/events/fetes, and has actually been apart of the master plan all along!

We had a good time getting the photo together for this little announcement, though the weather definitely didn't cooperate. We actually bumped into a friend in our neighborhood on the way to our car with the 3 balloon (we never bump into ANYONE), and we basically mumbled something about going to a small child's birthday party and went on our way. Also as soon as you walk outside in -5 degree Pittsburgh weather with wind, balloons deflate. Cool. Here are some of our outtakes to prove to you we aren't actually photogenic people and we took like 70 photos to get one that worked. Fun times!

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