Georgia's Nursery

In an effort to blog more and make this more of a lifestyle space, I wanted to finally share Georgia's spot in our house. We moved in late May, a little less than 3 months before the little lady's arrival.

When we first moved, quite literally the only thing I knew how I wanted to decorate was Georgia's nursery. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant I stumbled on this post from Style Me Pretty and pretty much knew that was going to be the inspiration for her room, if she turned out to be a girl - which thankfully, she did - even stranger, I'm just noticing this little girl's middle name is June - I had no idea (crazy).

I wanted to incorporate the polka dot wall and the tassel mobile, as both were a big theme in our wedding back in 2012, and the gold, silver, and coral piece of that nursery was pretty fantastic too. I knew I wanted a bright rug that was fun but not super childish, as we were dealing with some pretty BEAT-on carpet in that room. I didn't do a great job of photographing the hot pink rug, but I link to it at the bottom - it's super fun and tied the room together perfectly!

I had registered at Pottery Barn Kids, so much of the theme was decided by that. OF COURSE they came out with this insanely adorable gold polkadot bedding about a month after my shower. I absolutely love what we did in her room, but anyone who knows me knows I would have absolutely gone for the gold polkadots - maybe someday for her big girl room!

Here is the most depressing before photo taken on my iPhone:
Pretty sure Georgia would have come home to that room and said "No way Jose, I'm going back to the hospital." Thankfully, I think we gave her a space that will age well with her as she grows. So finally, here are the after photos! Please bear with my poorly taken and edited photos of Georgia's nursery, and I'll try to source everything at the bottom!

We had painted the walls a gorgeous light grey color from Lowe's, I don't have the exact color on-hand but I'm sure I could get it somewhere if anyone is interested. The framed photos above her bookshelf are actually embroidered elephants designed by my mom's friend who is a former Home Economics teacher at my high school! I'm so in love with them. This bookshelf is covered in Georgia's shoes now, huge believer in decorating with her cutest little clothing items.

Jeff and I had found some cool quotes we liked on Etsy, but we wanted to make them our own, so I designed most of the artwork in the room in the same brand we used for her birth announcements that I'll need to share another day.  For the mobile, I mostly used this tutorial and I'm totally obsessed. Georgia is just now taking note of her little tassel mobile and I hope that one day she'll share my love for metallics and corals. She looks pretty unhappy in this photo, but I promise she was doing just fine!

Polka dot wall!! I didn't want it to be a uniform polka dot pattern because I thought it would make me lose my mind during late night feedings. I stuck with more of a confetti feel because every day is a party when you're Georgia Knorr. : )

The window panels were from Ikea and we added the hot pink tassels. The PB Anywhere Chair was Georgia's first monogrammed gift - my mom wanted to place the order so I basically bullied my husband into finalizing her name. If it doesn't move, monogram it. I want to add a hook on this wall to hang her prettiest dress. Her amazing floral crown is way too pretty to store with the rest of her headbands, purchased here by her Aunt Jules (she "needed it").

Georgia's little bathroom - we painted the walls a pale pink and went with a cute ruffled shower curtain. I seriously underestimated how nice it is that Georgia has a bathroom off of her bedroom - it makes her nighttime routine pretty smooth. There's a lot of brass happening in this bathroom but it's obviously not one of our most urgent house updates.

This room gets the MOST amazing light in the mornings - we ended up purchasing blackout blinds because there was no chance she was going to get any napping done in here without them. 

Happiest little lady in her banana jumpsuit.

Georgia's Room:
Crib | Blackout BlindsRugElephant Print | Pouf | Polka Dot Decals | Chevron Stroller Blanket | Bolster Pillow | Quilt | Crib Skirt | Diaper Storage Tote | Sleep Sack (Obsessed) | Rocker | StorageLilly Catch All | Elephant Fitted Sheet (PB Kids) | Elephant Chair (PB Kids) | Flamingo Night Light (PB Kids) | Framed Faux Gold Foil Print | Bookshelf | Silver Lamp (Not Available Online at Ikea: Similar) | Side Table | Monogram was purchased during a random flash sale on Instagram and painted white!
Be Cool Baby and The World Is Your Oyster prints will be available soon in my Etsy Shop!

Georgia's Bathroom:
Shower Curtain, Seahorse Mat, Seahorse Towels: Out of Stock at PB Kids | Curtain Hooks: Not Available Online at Target

Little Lady:

Hope you loved this little sneak peek into our darling daughter's room!

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