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After college, I accepted a position at a tiny company I had interned with the previous summer, a real estate company local to Pittsburgh developing really cool mixed-use spaces. I worked with them to develop a few websites, basically playing the marketing manager between the web design firm and the company's president. I really did enjoy my work but was never technically hired as a full-time employee with benefits. After six months (and some really awesome websites and experiences - seriously it feels like I worked there for years) it was time to move on.

Not knowing what my next move was, I spoke with one of the partners at the web design firm I had worked with so closely at that job - he said "start a blog about something you love, blogs are about to become something huge," and I did. But shortly after I accepted a job in higher education membership/fundraising/events and my little blog fell by the wayside. I so regret giving up on it.

Feeling uninspired at my job and working on my MBA, I started producing day-of wedding goods for friends and family. I've always been obsessed with paper and fonts so it was a nice little side job for me. In February of 2014 I made it a full-time gig. Jeff and I were pregnant with little miss Georgia and this would allow me to stay home with her and still work. I never wanted a traditional website, I knew that I needed to have a blog instead to share bits and pieces of our life and the paper products I created. The business grew and I'm so proud of what it's become. It has grown solely through word of mouth, which frankly, I can't even believe. I've been able to be a part of so many brides' big days, we were featured on Style Me Pretty,  I participated in a few amazing styled shoots, and I'm even apart of a super fun bootcamp through Burgh Brides and the Renaissance with so many talented ladies. I'm so grateful to my husband and my mom who have run errands for me and sat and glued together thousands of invitations.

That said, this season my availability has reached its capacity and I'm just not feeling the way I once did about it. My business is CUSTOM invitations and printed goods:  so much time and thoughtfulness goes into each piece. The time that goes into everything simply isn't worth what I get out of it, financially or emotionally. The trips to and from the printer and delivering printed proofs and final suites while dragging Georgia along with me (since her third day on earth) has made me think twice about the decisions I've made. I haven't been able to give my full attention to my clients and I don't feel I'm doing a good enough job at being a business owner, a wife, a daughter, and a full-time mom.

I've made great friends out of clients and I've loved being a part of your big days, which is why I'm not ready to totally give it up. Going forward with next wedding season (2016 - with the exception of the one wedding already booked of course!!!), the custom invitations portion of my business will cease to exist. I'll come out with a new season of wedding invitations that will be sold either on Etsy or through another digital storefront. Clients will be able to choose invitations, colors, fonts, liners, belly bands, styles of paper and envelope choices. Once a style is chosen - the process will remain the same, I'm happy to create any and all of the paper products you want for your big day done in this style. Creating a brand for a wedding has always been my thing, and it still will be, but the uncertainty of a new design I've never put together will be gone. Printed proofs won't need to be picked up from the printer anymore, because a sample was purchased on the front end. I won't be receiving panicked phone calls about the tone of a color from a mother of the bride. I'll be able to charge what the products are actually worth and there won't be any financial surprises on the back end. The design will be done and I'll just need to make changes, as opposed to creating 5-6 brand new designs for each bride. It's a fresh start and a new way of thinking, and I'll still be able to create pretty things for beautiful brides.

Which brings me back to this little blog:  My hope is it continues to be a lifestyle space, similar to what I've been doing with my Instagram for some time now. I want to share more of my time and experiences with Georgia, her clothes, milestones, our family's travel, personal style, recipes and of course - pretty weddings and parties. I hope you'll continue to visit my little corner of the Internet to see what we're up to. I'm excited to see the blog I wanted to create in 2009 finally come to fruition!

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